Newly formed Special interest group: Enterprise-level Information Systems (SIG EntSys)


Attention Enterprise Systems community!

We are excited to introduce the newly formed AIS SIG called Enterprise-level Information Systems (SIG EntSys). Our SIG aims to explore current issues surrounding the evolution of integrated Information Systems from both academic and practical perspectives.

Information Systems (IS) can be studied and designed on different levels. While individual and team/workgroup level IS use and design are classics of the IS discipline, enterprise-level IS (ES) is investigated less frequently. As corporate strategy and the business environment continue to evolve, corporate IS must continually adapt to meet the demands of the times.

ES (such as ERP, CRM, and other similar systems) have long played a critical role as the operational backbone of most organizations. However, with the increasing complexity of today's business relationships, the management of backstage integration and a flexible way of decoupling between backstage and frontstage ES are gaining importance. Our SIG seeks to explore these challenges and more, covering topics such as strategic, operations, social, project and process management, supply chain, and the absorption of emerging technologies into the core of Information Systems as well as platform approaches of IS.

Join us at to become a part of the Enterprise-level Information Systems community. We look forward to collaborating and exploring new ideas together.

The Enterprise-level Information Systems (SIG EntSys) Executive team

Alta van der Merwe, Robert Winter and Christian Leyh